The Process

1. Phone interview:

Once you have read through the requirements of being a surrogate mother and you believe you would qualify, feel free to contact us! During the call, our surrogacy director will explain the process in detail and answer all the questions you might have.

2. Your medical records review:

We will help you collect your medical records from previous pregnancies and deliveries if you have not already done it. We will make sure to review them with attention and share them with the IVF clinic in order for them to pre-approve you as a surrogate candidate and bring you to their facility for medical evaluation.

3. Home assessment:

One of our team members will schedule a home assessment with you. The purpose of a home assessment is for us to get to know you in your home and your own environment. Also, it is important for us to meet your circle of support, which will play an important role throughout your surrogacy journey.

4. Agency Documents and Guidance

There will be a number of documents for you to provide and fill out in order to be approved in our program (e.g application form, background check, release of information form...). We will guide you if you need any help. This is an important step as it is the final step before you enter our program.

5. Match with future parents:

The matching process is determined by the answers you will provide during your interview, as well as other factors we believe to be the best indicators to achieve a successful match. We make sure to balance personalities and identify common objectives with the future parents even before presenting their profile to you.  We want you to have the best experience possible and we will make sure to match you with parents you can connect with and create a bond.

6. IVF medical screening:

You will go to the IVF clinic for your appointment. The screening includes blood work, urine test, vaginal ultrasound, a physical examination, a consultation with the doctor and the coordinator. Additionally, you will have to meet with a psychologist.

7. Medical and psychological clearances:

The results of all these tests will allow the IVF clinic to determinate if you are medically and psychologically approved as a surrogate.

8. Contract – Gestational Agreement:

The future parents will start the legal stage in order to discuss and finalize the Gestational Agreement. We will put you in contact with an attorney to help you review and understand the agreement.  Once everyone has agreed, all parties will sign the agreement and the legal clearance will be sent to the clinic.

9. Embryo transfer:

Once the clinic receives the legal clearance from the future parents’ Attorney, the IVF clinic will release the embryo transfer schedule. This schedule contains the date you will start medications and the estimated embryo transfer date. The timeline from when you begin the injectable medication to the embryo transfer is approximately a week. The embryo transfer will take place at the IVF clinic.

10. Confirmation of pregnancy:

It takes about 10 days after the embryo transfer for the clinic to find out via blood test results if you are pregnant. We advise that you not share any home pregnancy test results with future parents before the blood results.

11. Support during the pregnancy:

We will always be available during the pregnancy and make sure that you and baby are doing well. We are here to answer any questions you might have during the entire process. Our priority is to help you and for you to have the best surrogacy journey! If you live in Southern California, we will be coming with you to 4 or more OBGYN appointments in order to support you and follow up with the OBGYN.

12. The birth:

We will help you prepare for the big day! We will be in contact with the hospital to handle all the paperwork, insurance related documents, legal documents etc. If you live in Southern California, we will be at the hospital in person on the day you deliver. Being present at the birth is very important for us. After more than a year following your journey and the parents’ journey, it is a magical moment for us and we love being part of it.

13. Post-partum:

The delivery doesn't mean the end of the journey! We will be by your side for anything you may need after the birth (follow up doctor's appointments, medical records, reimbursements, medical invoices, etc...)