Yes! We want to make sure that you are comfortable with the future parents and that you are able to communicate with them easily during the pregnancy and after. We will show you as many profiles as you’d like so you are able to chose whom you would like to help. The future parents will also view your profile and agree to meet with you. It is important that the decision to move forward goes both ways.

Yes! As soon as all parties sign the surrogacy agreement we will share everyone’s contact information so you can be in direct communication with your future parents. All of our future parents want to be involved during the pregnancy, to know how you and baby are doing and support you as much as they can while respecting your privacy.

The fastest time is about 14 months from the day you decide to become a surrogate to the day you deliver. From the day you decide to become a surrogate to the day of the embryo transfer it will take about 5 months: 1.Intake process at Grace 2.Match with your future parents 3.Screening and medical clearance 4.Contracts and legal clearance 5.Start of the cycle and embryo transfer). And of course the 9 months of pregnancy!

You will start the injections of progesterone about 5 days before the embryo transfer until you are 12 weeks pregnant. While this is the least favorite part for all surrogates it’s important to remember that these injections are essential to keep the pregnancy viable for the first few weeks. Also, due to the way the embryos are created in a lab, your first trimenster is sped up, meaning that at the point of embryo transfer you are considered 2 weeks pregnant, ten days later at pregnancy test you are considered 4 weeks pregnant and ten days following pregnancy test at fetal heartbeat you are considered 6 weeks pregnant. So 12 weeks comes much quicker than it sounds.

Yes! Your husband/partner will be involved during the surrogacy process and this is why we want to make sure that we also answer all of their questions during the intake process. During the medical screening they will have to be tested for STDs. During the legal process they will have to agree and sign the contract and all other documents, as they will be part of it as well.

No! The Future parents will create embryos using an egg donor or the intended mother’s eggs.

Yes! Since the future parents will not be using your own eggs you can be a surrogate (surrogate). The future parents will create embryos at the IVF clinic and the embryo will be implanted in your uterus.

This is only your monthly compensation. This doesn’t include all the other reimbursement you will receive during the journey. First time surrogates typically receive $45,000.00. The compensation is higher for repeat surrogates and can go up to $75,000.00.

You will start received your compensation the 1st day of the month after the heartbeat confirmation. For example, if the heartbeat confirmation takes place on March 30th you will receive your first compensation on April 1st, and every 1st of the month after. Your last compensation will be paid to you the day you deliver in one lump sum.

You will receive several reimbursements throughout the journey including but not limited to a monthly allowance to cover your mileage and miscellaneous expenses, injection and medication start fee, embryo transfer fee, and maternity clothing fee. Your health insurance premiums, your lost wages and restriction of activities in case of complications will be reimbursed.

No! The future parents are financially responsible for all pregnancy related expenses.