We Provide Service Throughout the United States

Our role as an agency is to guide you and help you throughout your surrogacy journey. Surrogacy can be overwhelming for Future parents and our goal is that you feel as confident, supported and serene as possible. We will be by your side every step of the way! We will handle every aspects of the journey such as:
  • Choice of our IVF clinic
  • Creation of your embryos
  • Match with your surrogate and coordination of your cycle
  • Legal process
  • Insurance
  • Pregnancy
  • Budgeting
  • …anything you can think of that would make your journey smoother and easier!
We will put you in contact with professionals such as attorneys, escrow company, brokers etc… While most of the GRACE surrogates live in Southern California some also live in surrogacy friendly states such as Oregon, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia etc… If you are matched with a Surrogate who lives in Southern California we will provide in person services during the pregnancy and at the hospital for the delivery. We will go to OBGYN appointments with your surrogate during the pregnancy (4 to 5 appointments) as long as she is allowed to bring a companion. We will make sure to relay all information, pictures, and videos from the appointment so that you are as involved as possible. On the day of the birth we will accompany you to the hospital. All administrative procedures will be performed prior to the surrogate arrival at the hospital in order to avoid any administrative issue. We will be present with you at the hospital and we will be responsible for all administrative and financial aspects so that you can fully enjoy these moments of intense happiness. We will ensure that the procedures are correctly carried out by the hospital, that the care procured to the newborn(s) and the surrogate are covered by insurance, that the birth certificate is correctly written, that financial services are in possession of all necessary documentation. If you are matched with a Surrogate outside of Southern California we will provide the same quality of services from a distance. We will emphasize on the communication with your Surrogate, all the providers and yourself as parents so that your journey can be as smooth as possible. On the day of the birth we will communicate directly with the hospital staff or if not possible, we will give you all of the information/ contact person you will need to handle the administrative aspect. We will provide a detailed itinerary with every steps, every location and administrative task that need to be done in order to obtain the post birth documentation.

Here are few disclosures that you should know about our retainer for services:


GRACE cannot guarantee the success of the future parents’ journey. The future parents understand that GRACE makes no promises or guarantees.


GRACE cannot guarantee the success of the future parents’ journey. The future parents understand that GRACE makes no promises or guarantees.


In the event that the journey with the chosen surrogate is cancelled unilaterally by either the surrogate, by the future parents or their licensed physician for medical or screening issues, which in turn causes the future parents to be in need of another surrogate, GRACE has deemed that services are a one-time fee only, with no additional fees for a new match. Once you are with us, you are part of GRACE’s family; we help you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent.


Our retainer fee will be collected in 3 installments; the first payment once you have chosen GRACE as your surrogacy agency, the second payment after the IVF clinic has approved the Surrogate’s medical records or has scheduled her screening appointment; the third payment will be due when you Surrogate is medically cleared by the IVF clinic.