Here are the more common questions that future parents have before start the process:

From the day you decide to start your journey to the day your baby will be born, the journey will take about 20 to 24 months.

We recommend that you chose your agency at the same time you choose your IVF clinic that way we can help you and guide you with the first step of the journey, which is to create your embryos. This also allows us to coordinate your cycle from the beginning and make sure you are matched with a surrogate in a timely manner.

In this complex environment the choice of your agency is essential. Indeed the support we will provide throughout the months will contribute to your peace of mind and your confidence in the future. You want to be able to communicate easily with your agency, knowing that whatever happens during your journey your surrogate and your baby will have the support they need, especially in case of complications.

Yes, your coordinator will help you through the entire journey and through all aspects of the journey. This makes the communication much easier for the Future parents.

The matching process will start once your embryos have been created.

She can’t change her mind as the baby is not genetically hers and we will have all of the legal documents proving that you are the parent(s).

This is a conversation we will have with the Surrogate and her family. We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and also respect everyone’s privacy. It also depends on the hospital and /or delivery doctor. Most of our surrogates allow the parents in the delivery room. Please note that in case of cesarean, only one person will be allowed to go in with the Surrogate and it is usually a family member of hers as she is going through surgery. You will be able to be with your baby as soon as he/she is transferred to the nursery.

Of course, we strongly encourage it. Once the surrogacy agreement is signed, we will share everyone’s contact information so that you can communicate directly. We will also create a Whatsapp group with you your coordinator and your surrogate so that all information pertaining to pregnancy is shared in a timely manner and everyone is on the same page.