What you need to know before you contact us

Our vision hasn’t changed since 2014 when we started helping families.

It always has been very clear that a surrogacy journey is a human adventure, creating connections and relationships, with lots of emotions involved and above all beautiful stories.

This is how we see surrogacy and we believe that this is how surrogacy should be.

We are part of your journey to parenthood and we have the same end goal: having a healthy baby while keeping the surrogate healthy and happy.

As your agency we will be at the center of all the different aspects of your journey (surrogate choice, coordination, legal, insurance, financial…) and we will guide you from the beginning to the end. We understand that becoming parents can be stressful and we want to ensure you feel as supported as possible during this journey of a lifetime.

Here are a few important things you should know about us:

Journeys intake

Due to the risks that transferring multiple embryos pose (i.e. fetal reduction, emergency C-sections, emergency hysterectomies, gestational diabetes, or preeclampsia) GRACE only coordinates surrogacy journeys in which the future parents are willing to transfer one (1) PGS tested embryo at a time. We strongly believe that PGS testing (preimplantation genetic screening) is necessary as it is the first line of defense in preventing miscarriages, genetic abnormalities that will lead to a medically necessary fetal reduction, or other unnecessary & avoidable complications in your journey. While there has been debate amongst some IVF doctors as to whether PGS is really necessary, almost all of the OBGYN’s & Perinatologists who care for our surrogates during pregnancy have informed us that 99.9% of any complications or tragedies can be avoided simply by utilizing PGS testing.

Free consultation

We will be happy to schedule our first call via video chat. It is important for us to see you during our first conversation about your journey. It will allow us to really connect and get to know you better.

Background checks

For international future parents, we will ask you to provide us with your background check report from the Country of your residence. For future parents in the United States, we will run your background check. The report cannot be dated more than 3 months prior you start your journey.

Psychological evaluation 

This evaluation can be done in the United States or Country of residence. If done in your country of residence we will refer you to a third-party professional. It will be part of the intake process once you decide to start your journey with GRACE.

Timeline of payments 

A timeline of payment will be provided as you start your journey with GRACE.  The total cost of your journey will be divided in 3 payments. The fist payment will occur as you start your journey, the second payment when you sign the surrogacy agreement and the third payment when your surrogate is 12 weeks pregnant.

When will we be matched with our surrogate? 

Based on our experience and making sure that you stay within your budget, the match with a surrogate will only happen once your embryos have been created, frozen and we are aware of the number of viable embryos for transfer. Please note that we will only show you profiles of surrogates who have been pre-qualified based on their medical records. Our intensive intake process allows us to only select the best candidates for a higher chance of success.

High standards on qualifying surrogates

At GRACE we have developed a high standard protocol on qualifying our surrogates in order to accept them in order program. This protocol allows us to prevent possible problems in the future for all parties involved.