In order to budget your journey it is important to take into consideration the different components of the surrogacy process. The 3 main components are:

The IVF clinic: The cost of IVF process will be provided to you by the financial department of the clinic you select. Each clinic offers different packages, different services and therefore the budget may vary from one clinic to the other. The payment to the clinic can be done directly to the clinic or through your escrow account (fees may occur).

The Egg Donor Cycle:

Through an Egg Donor Agency: they will provide a budget and a payment timeline. You will pay directly to them.

Through the IVF Clinic: if you choose an egg donor through the clinic’s database, the clinic’s financial department will provide a budget and a payment timeline.

The Surrogate Cycle: along with the surrogates’ profile we will send you the estimated cost. The estimated cost of each surrogate will include travel, miscellaneous expenses, her psychological evaluation, your psychological evaluation, the insurance review and enrollment fee of the insurance broker, the legal fees (surrogacy agreement and parentage order), the surrogate’s compensation, life insurance, medical expenses for surrogate and baby, the potential costs and the post birth documentation.

Please note that the estimated cost will not include any additional fees/ charges that will apply for the second transfer and all transfers thereafter in the event that the first transfer is not successful. These fees/ charges are associated with the embryo transfer and are paid to the surrogate, they are as follows: mileage (if applicable), lost wages (if applicable), medication fee and embryo transfer fee. An unsuccessful transfer will delay the surrogacy process and therefore generate additional costs not included in the estimated cost provided by GRACE. The additional costs are as follows: insurance monthly premiums, life insurance premiums, monthly, allowance paid to the surrogate, invasive procedures (if applicable)

At GRACE we pride ourselves with being able to provide you with a budget that is as accurate as possible. This is why it is very important that we understand your journey, your timeline and discuss the budget in detail.

The estimated funds will be requested as follows: 

  • The 1st escrow installment: when you have chosen GRACE as your agency.
  • The 2nd escrow installment: when your surrogate has been medically cleared.
  • The 3rd escrow installment: at the 12th week of pregnancy. 

In order to lighten the financial burden for our clients we will be requesting 3 escrow installments to cover the expenses of the surrogacy process (Many other agencies require their clients to fund all of these expenses up front.) The disbursement of the funds to each service provider will be made from your escrow account on receipt of the invoices. The request of funds for installments 2 & 3 may be done approximately 2 weeks prior to due date as to ensure receipt in time.