Our method of post delivery support consists of, but is not limited to…

Assistance at the Delivery Hospital: We will be at the hospital at the time of birth. We will help you with all the administrative paperwork and will be a liaison on the hospital when needed.

Assistance with Medical Expenses: if this is needed, we will be able to assist you with negotiating with the delivering hospital regarding any professional and facility services incurred by your child, as part of your obligation to pay.

Post Birth Documentation: before you return home, we make sure you have processed all the proper documentation that your child will need for his/her safe return, which might include: birth certificate, social security card, Apostille, and passport (if child will be living overseas). We assist with consulate’s appointments (if required).

Please note, because of the confidentiality and privacy of the process, our gestational carrier candidate profiles will not be accessible through the GRACE, LLC website. Instead, we will send you the profile of your gestational carrier via email. You will also be able to meet her through Skype.

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