Why California?

For many reasons, three of those are…

The law, California is one of the best States to file your surrogacy case. Surrogacy is not only allowed in California; moreover, it is openly supported and widely practiced throughout the State. As there are no laws prohibiting surrogacy, all future parents (married couples using their own egg and sperm, married couples using a donor, unmarried couples, single parents, and same-sex couples) are supported equally. This allows for parent rights and responsibilities for the child to be granted even before the child is born.

The medical coverage, Southern California counties are insurance friendly towards both the surrogates as well as the newborns.

Demographics, as GRACE is headquartered in San Diego and due to our personalized services, such as personally preforming all of the home assessments, attending appointments as well as other important commitments to the surrogacy journeys, our surrogate recruitment is focused in Southern California.

Lastly, Southern California is considered one of the best places to live and visit in the United States due to its mild weather, cultural diversity, progressive thinking, and emphasis on healthy living.

What you should know before choosing GRACE

Here are few disclosures that you should know about our retainer for services.


GRACE will not be a party to the gestational agreement that you will have with your surrogate and we have no obligations under said agreement.


GRACE cannot guarantee the success of the future parents’ journey. The future parents understand that GRACE makes no promises or guarantees.


In the event that the journey with the chosen surrogate is cancelled unilaterally by either the surrogate, by the future parents or their licensed physician for medical or screening issues, which in turn causes the future parents to be in need of another surrogate, GRACE LLC has deemed that services are a one-time fee only, with no additional fees for a new match. Once you are with us, you are part of GRACE’s family, we help you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent.


Retainer fee is collected in 2 installments; the first payment once you have chosen GRACE as your surrogacy agency and the second payment once your surrogate has been medically cleared by the IVF clinic.

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