1. Free Consultation

We will schedule a video conference (Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime...) and discuss about your journey.

2. Budgeting Your Journey

We will explain all the financial aspects in detail so you can start your journey serenely.

3. Timeline and Guidance

We will coordinate your journey in an effective, organized, and ethical manner. We will be by your side every step of the way!

4. The IVF Clinic

We will recommend IVF clinics based on success rates, performance and customer satisfaction; there is no partnership with the said professionals.

5. The Egg Donor

We will help you choose your egg donor through GRACE, LLC or through an outside data base.

6. The Embryo Creation Process

We firmly believe that the PGS is necessary, since it is the first opportunity we have to avoid spontaneous abortions, genetic anomalies that will lead to a medically necessary fetal reduction, or other unnecessary and avoidable complications.

7. The Surrogate

Based on our experience, the optimal time for matching occurs after finding out the number of viable embryos available for transfer. We are committed to a personalized matching process. It is important to ensure that the characters are compatible and that the objectives are identical.

8. The Embryo Transfer Process

We will be at the transfer with the surrogate and will bring you in via Skype if you are available.

9. The Confirmation of Pregnancy

The pregnancy will be confirmed by blood work 10 days after the transfer. The heartbeat confirmation usually occurs at the 6th week of pregnancy.

10. The Establishment of Parentage

This process will start around 14-16 weeks of pregnancy and it will allow you to obtain the parental rights and remove all parental rights of the surrogate mother and her financial responsibilities. This document will then be transmitted to the hospital and the agency.

11. The Birth

We will be present with you at the hospital so you can enjoy this life changing experience without having to worry about the administrative formalities.

12. Post-Birth

We will assist you in obtaining the post birth documents you will need to go back home.

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