Lenka Jahodova

is a fitness professional who after being diagnosed with thyroid tumor in 2009 found her life overcome with stress on a daily bases. Anxiety took over to the point that in the summer of 2011 she ended up helpless in bed not able to function normally for 3 months. Fearful she was losing her health Lenka decided to step into the gym and made a conscious decision to stay positive and become healthy both in mind and in body; later she would come to realize that this was the key to maintaining a healthy, harmonious lifestyle. At the outset it took a lot learning, patience, and commitment, but eventually her mind and body were in sync and she overcame her physical anxieties.

Feeling healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically, Lenka decided to take it to the next level by training and learn about nutrition. Five months later she stepped on the fitness stage for very first time taking 2nd place and 4 place in bikini division, and later that year she made another 4th place showing in the same division …her life took a whole new direction – mentally, physically, and emotionally she had transformed into a totally new person. From this personal and professional experience, Lenka now dedicates her life to helping others reach a healthy lifestyle through: exercise, nutrition, and a positive attitude as our personal Fitness and Nutrition Specialist.

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