Your medical records
If you are considering becoming a surrogate, we highly recommend that you begin collecting your medical records, as this process can take up to 30 days, although in the event that you haven’t, GRACE will help you with this process. As a surrogate candidate your medical records become your resume. If your last birth was more than 7 years ago the records will be unavailable, that being the case we will request a copy of your most recent pap smear, no older that 2 years.

Home assessment
The purpose of a home assessment is for us to get to know you in your own home environment and for you to get to meet the team who will be responsible for your journey. During the home visit we will inform you of all the important aspects you need to know about the surrogacy journey. It is important for us to meet your circle of support, which will play an important role throughout your surrogacy journey (e.g. husband/partner, family member, children), feel free to have them with you during the home visit.

Background check report
This report checks for felony offenses (some of the most common felony offenses include drug abuse, burglary, larceny, arson, theft, driving while intoxicated, assault, disorderly conduct, drug possession, etc.), which immediately will disqualify you.

Psychological evaluation
This evaluation will be done locally by a qualified professional.

Match with future parents
Based on our experience and making sure that you continue motivated to help, the match with the intended parents will happen once their embryos have been created and frozen, this way we avoid delays with the embryo transfer procedure. Therefore, intended parents profile that we will presented to you are intended parents ready & waiting to transfer.

GRACE attending appointments
Understand that part of our commitment is to be present with you in the key appointments that you will have throughout your journey and the delivery. We alleviate any concerns regarding interactions with medical professionals, assist in answering questions that third-party professional may pose in which you don’t know the answer.

We will require your signature on medical releases (in medical practices where they will not accept our agency release), so we can help you easily to navigate your journey.

Medical invoices reconciliation
This is a process that can be tedious, but we are here to help you, so you do not have to do it on your own if you prefer to reconcile the medical invoices on your own this too is fine with GRACE. However, we apply the same protocol for all of our surrogates. In order for you to get reimbursed for any medical bills that you receive due to your journey, we will request for you to send the hard copy (front and back) of the invoice that the medical provider has sent you to GRACE LLC, as this request allows for us to reconcile the medical bill properly. Once GRACE has the invoice, it will enter into a reconciliation stage, where with the knowledge and help of a licensed insurance broker it will be determined if the medical provider has applied your insurance information correctly and if the insurance company has made any payments to the medical provider. We will inform you within the same day, no later than 24 hours.

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