Being a surrogate is both financially and philosophically rewarding. Our surrogates earn between $35,000 to $70,000 per pregnancy and work to help people realize their dreams of becoming parents. 

The very first step to your journey is to collect your medical records (pregnancy and delivery records). This can take up to 3 months. The earlier you get your medical records the earlier you will be able to get pre approved, matched with intended parents and start your journey!

Surrogate Mother Benefits

  • $35k plus in earnings
  • Wellness Package:
  • Pre-natal yoga classes or massages
  • Mental health support
  • Fitness and nutrition program
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Wire deposit available (fees from your bank may apply)
  • Bonus for your children’s summer/fall activities
  • Gift cards on special occasions
  • Entrance into a drawing for 2 round trip tickets within United States

Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

  • Resident of United States
  • Between the ages of 20-42
  • Body Mass Index no greater than 30
  • Proven live birth capability
  • Medical records of pregnancies and deliveries
  • Good physical health
  • Good mental health
  • Compliant and available on schedule
  • Home assessment
  • Background/Credit screen
Surrogate Mother Recruitment Process

Phone interview 

We will address the following: 

  • Your legal status in the United States
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Body Mass Index
  • Number of live births
  • Type of deliveries
  • Complications with pregnancy / delivery
  • Physical and mental health
  • Health insurance
  • Questions you may have
  • You must be compliant/reliable and available with you appointments
  • Right after the phone interview, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes, we will be sending you the Agency documentation for you to read and complete by the time we schedule the home visit.

Home assessment

One of our team members will schedule a home assessment with you. The purpose of a home assessment is for us to get to know you in your own home environment and for you to get to meet your case coordinator in person. During the home visit we will inform you of all the important aspects you need to know about the surrogacy process. After we have explained the surrogacy process we will be more than happy to answer any further questions you might have.  Also, it is important for us to meet your circle of support, which will play and important role throughout your surrogacy process (e.g. husband/partner, family member, children), feel free to have them with you during the home visit.  The maximum time of the home visit will be 2 hours. After the home visit, we will complete the initial surrogacy paperwork and documentation.

Application and Medical Records

The initial surrogacy paperwork and documentation is meant to gather your demographics, personal informations, medical informations including details on previous pregnancies, traits and characteristics, employment and education and medical insurance. Also, you must request your medical records (pregnancies records from your OBGYN and deliveries records from the hospital you delivered)

Background and Credit Screen: Through a background report we check candidates for felony offenses on their record (some of the most common felony offenses include drug abuse, burglary, larceny, arson, theft, driving while intoxicated, assault, disorderly conduct). The credit report gives us an idea of the level of financial responsibility for the candidate.

Psychological Evaluation

Your case coordinator will schedule a time for you to meet with a psychologist who will conduct your psychological evaluation, which should take approximately 1 hour.

During the Surrogacy Process

With our agency, you will have one point of contact, which will be your case coordinator from the beginning to the end of your surrogacy process. Having one point of contact guarantees that your coordinator will be aware of everything related to your case. The case coordinator is highly trained and committed to being there for you, helping you to have the best experience during your surrogacy process.

Follow Up & Updates

We conduct weekly follow up to make sure everything is on track with your process and you will be informed of any changes to your schedule.

Wellness Package

Here at GRACE we are aware of the emotional and physical demands you will experience during the surrogacy process. For us, it  is important that you maintain balance throughout your surrogacy process, which is why we provide you with a wellness package that includes: psychological support, which starts after the 6th week of pregnancy until one month after delivery; prenatal yoga classes or prenatal massage, which starts at the 13th week of pregnancy; monthly manicure/pedicure, which starts after the 6th week of pregnancy until one month after delivery; and fitness and nutrition support, which starts after you have been medically cleared by the IVF clinic, ending 3 months after your delivery.


The matching process between a surrogate mother and future parents is determined by the answers you provide during your interview, as well as other factors our agency believe to be the best indicators to achieve a successful match. We make sure to balance personalities and identify common objectives with the future parents even before presenting their profile to you.

IVF Screening

Once you have been matched with the future parents, you will go for a medical screening at the IVF clinic your future parents are working with. Depending upon where this clinic is located, some travel may be required. Screening appointments usually take half a day, so overnight travel may be necessary, and you will be expected to travel by yourself. Travel is only required for the medical screening and for the embryo transfer. Medical clearance can come as minimum of 15 days to up to a month from the date of the screening. Travel arrangements will be done by our Agency.

Legal Contract

Once you have been medically cleared by the IVF clinic you will be moving to the Legal Stage, which will be the Gestational Agreement. The time frame for the contract to be fully executed from start to finish ranges from 1 to 2 months, and depends upon the availability of all parties to get the agreement executed. For your representation our Agency will provide you with a list of Attorneys. Please note that Gestational Agreements must be notarized.

Injectable Medication and Monitoring

Once the Gestational Agreement is fully executed by the parties and the IVF clinical has received confirmation, you will receive your IVF cycle schedule. Your IVF cycle schedule contains, among other things: your injectable medication start date and embryo transfer estimated date. Once you start your injectable medication you will also begin your monitoring period; in case the IVF clinic you are using be far away, our Agency will find a monitoring clinic closer to where you live. Monitoring appointments takes place early in the morning, as IVF clinics request same day results. The time line from when you begin the injectable medication to the embryo transfer is approximately a week and a half to two weeks (blood work and ultrasounds). Monitoring can take place once or twice per week from the time you begin your injectable medication until 12 weeks into the pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer

Once your uterus lining is ready for the embryo transfer (which the IVF clinic will determine from the monitoring process) the IVF clinic will schedule the embryo transfer. When the cycle schedule is determined, a tentative embryo transfer date will be set. Please note that the actual embryo transfer date may vary from the tentative date. For your embryo transfer you must bring a companion with you, if you can’t bring a companion, your case coordinator will be there with you. You will need complete bed rest for the next 2 to 3 nights. Travel arrangements will be done by our Agency.

Confirmation of Pregnancy

It takes around 1 week after your embryo transfer for the clinic to find out via blood test results if you are pregnant. We advise that you not share any home pregnancy test results with future parents before the blood results. Our Agency advises future parents to wait for the blood results, which will be provided to them by the clinic they are working with. The confirmation of pregnancy comes with the heart beat confirmation, which is done approximately 4 weeks after your embryo transfer date; at that time you will be around 6 weeks pregnant.

Living Expenses Reimbursement

You will start receiving your living expense reimbursement after our Agency receives the heart beat confirmation notice from the IVF clinic.


After you  “graduate” from the IVF clinic, which will be around the 12th week of pregnancy, you will be moving to your OBGYN. If you don’t have an OBGYN our agency will recommend an OBGYN for you. At this point you will be signing a medical release, which will allow the future parents and our Agency to contact the OBGYN and follow up with the pregnancy process.

Delivering Hospital

Your delivering hospital will assign a social worker to your case. The social worker is the person who lets the delivering hospital know that you are a surrogate. The social worker also connects the future parents and the Agency with the hospital staff. The social worker is also the person responsible for making sure your needs are being met while you are in the hospital. It is common practice for the delivering hospital to withhold information regarding the child just delivered. Please do not take this personal, as this is merely a protocol that follows the legal parameters of the delivering hospital. Our Agency will strive to keep you updated.

Post Surrogacy Proccess

Psychological Support

Our Agency will provide you with a one-on-one consultation with the psychologist. We want to make sure you finish your surrogacy process with the support you deserve.

Wellness Program

Our Agency will provide you with an online consultation with a fitness expert to set you up with a fitness and nutrition program that spans for 3 months after the delivery.


You will continue to receive reimbursement for any mileage, doctor’s appointment, and any other medical claims related to the process that you just finished. You may also continue receiving medical claims after the delivery (the exact timeframe may vary).

Collection of Records

We will help you collect IVF, pregnancy, and delivery records related to the process you just finished.

Time Frame for Repeating the Surrogacy Process 

If you have a vaginal delivery the waiting time will be 4 months. If you have a C-Section the waiting time will be 6 months. Your OBGYN must give you medical clearance.


From a Successful Surrogate Mother: Cheryl is a three-time successful Surrogate. Cheryl’s Surrogacy processes have no complications during delivery or post delivery.  Cheryl’s advice to future Surrogate mothers is: “make sure you have the support of your family and friends who love you.  It is not just you going through this experience, but them too.  Being flexible and having a good attitude will help you though the more “interesting” aspects of surrogacy.  But overall you have to have the “want” to help somebody do something that they can’t do on their own”.

Cheryl shares that her first surrogacy process was a learning experience, providing her with a better understanding for her second and third process.  All the IVF doctor appointments in the beginning can be very daunting, and all the injectable medications were not enjoyable.  But with her husband’s support and the fact that her first couple was so very sweet and mellow, it was very comforting to her.  By the second and third cycle she knew what to expect, so it was a little easier.  However, she still had the endless IVF doctor appointments and the injectable medications, but since she knew what to expect it was a lot better.  Not so much anticipation but just “ok lets’ go to the next step”.

Cheryl learned from her surrogacy cycles that the feeling she gets when the parents have their baby in their arms, and that she contributed, is the most amazing feeling in the world. She will not have done anything different, as each experience was unique in its own way.

GRACE has the pleasure to have Cheryl on the board of advisors, as she will be able to help future surrogate mothers with any questions they might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the more common questions that surrogates have before beginning the process:

Q:  Who are the future parents?

A: There are a variety of people looking to become parents through surrogacy, such as: heterosexual couples, same sex couples, single male, single female, and transgender individuals. It is good for you to know that you are the one who decides with what category of intended parent you would like to work with.

Q: Will I be able to meet the future parents?

A: Yes. Usually the first meeting happens via Skype when future parents do not live local. The second meeting will be in person, and can occur at the IVF clinic you will be working with or at another convenient location.

Q: What is the time frame of my entire surrogacy process?

A: The time frame can vary depending upon circumstances or your cycle, but the minimum time frame will be 14 months from the moment you apply as a surrogate mother until you deliver the baby. 

Q: What IVF clinic will I be using?

A: This is up to the future parents; therefore, some travel may be required.

Q: Will I be using my eggs?

A: No, our Agency only works with surrogate mothers; we do not work with traditional surrogates. This said, the eggs could come from the future mother or from an egg donor different than you.

Q: How many embryos will be transferred to me?

A: Our Agency works with clinics than do a maximum of 2 embryos per transfer. We want to avoid you having to go through a fetal reduction. 

Q: What happens if the fetus is growing with medical complications?

A: Depending upon the level of the complication(s), a series of medical procedures could occur, including in the extreme case, having an abortion. This subject will be discussed and agreed upon before you are matched with a future parent. 

Q: What type of communication do I need to have with the future parents during the process?

A: In the beginning it is hard to tell how far your relationship with the future parents is going to grow. Therefore, we advise that you keep it professional from the beginning, remember our Agency is here to help you.

Q: What type of communication do I need to have with the parents after the process?

A: This will be up to you and them. It depends on what type of relationship you build with the parents during the pregnancy. Sometimes communication is frequent  (once a month), other times parents move on with their lives and there is no communication. 

Q: How do I know the future parents are not going to change their mind and abandon their child?

A: Before future parents go through the surrogacy process, they have EXHAUSTED all other possibilities such as the IVF process for themselves and adoption. For some future parents, such as: same sex couple (men), this is the only option they have to create a family, as in some countries adoption is not allowed for same sex couples. 

Q: Will I get reimbursed for my travel expenses?

A: Yes, you will. Everything is described in the Agency documents.

Q: Do I have any financial responsibility throughout the cycle for my or the baby’s medical claims?

A: No. Future parents cover your and their baby’s medical claims.

What do I need to know about contacting Grace, LLC?

Feel free to contact us via email ,via Skype: or via telephone 1-844-557-2412. When you do, please make sure to be prepare to answer or send the answers to the following pre-screening questions:

  1. Are you US Resident or Citizen?
  2. What is your marital status?
  3. How old are you?
  4. What is your height and weight?
  5. How many live births have you had?
  6. What type and number of deliveries you had: Vaginal or C-Section?
  7. Any pregnancy or delivery complications?
  8. What type of birth control method are you using?
  9. Do you have medical insurance?
  10. Did you acquired your medical insurance private or through employer (who’s employer)?
  11. How you consider your overall physical health?
  12. Any personal or professional problems that are affecting you at the moment?
  13. Have you received any tattoos in the last year?
  14. Have you received any piercings in the last year?
  15. Any sexual transmitted diseases?
  16. What is your physical address, including city and zip code?

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