CEO & Founder

Olga Diaz

“That’s the most important thing to me. My agency offers a comprehensive range of surrogate services. My job is to recruit surrogates, match them with intended parents, coordinate their cycle, have the baby be born and help them with all of their post-birth documentation.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality of services. I screen both sides very well. I take the time to explain. I explain as many times as they need before they start the process and that is very important to me.

I offer free consultations, via skype or in person. I do work with IBF clinics and have a conservative approach. They have a ninety-seven percent success rate on the first transfer.

This is not a job where you can just show up Monday through Friday nine to five. It’s twenty-four seven.They reach me at any time and I am there for them.

I will do this forever. I will help people bring babies into this world forever. When I go to sleep at night I feel so peaceful because I’m doing the right thing and I’m helping the right people, intended parents and surrogates.”


Gaelle Vincent-Regan

Director of Marketing and International Relations

Gaelle Vincent-Regan is a french native who has been living in the United States since 2006. She is originally from Nimes, France. She became a citizen of the United States in 2015. She has a master degree in Marketing from Montpellier Business School, in France. She obtained her public notary commission in California in 2016. Gaelle evolved in the hospitality industry for years developing management, logistical and sales skills but she has always wanted to find an occupation that would fulfill her desire to help people, an occupation with a purpose. She met Olga in 2008 and they instantly became friends.  Olga shared her passion for surrogacy with Gaelle for years. It finally became obvious that both of them should work together and focus their energy and their passion towards the same goal.

Gaelle really enjoys guiding people and helping them realizing their dream of becoming parents. Following the same line of thought, she has been involved in the Mexican community, south of the San Diego border helping build houses to the working poor.

Gaelle is in charge of the marketing and also help coordinate the cycles for the people living in France, facilitating the communication in English with all parties involved in their surrogacy journey.

Lenka Jahodova

Egg Donation Coordinator

Lenka Jahodova was born and raised in the Czech Republic, and she has lived in the USA since 1998. Her studies in the Czech Republic prepared her well for her career as an egg donor coordinator. She graduated from a High School specializing in secretarial work, and immediately thereafter she studied at the College of Economy where she earned a business diploma. Her studies taught her how to solve problems, be resourceful and take initiative when needed. It also taught her to work both independently and in a team, but mainly she has been in constant touch with a variety of clients and she needed to engage them in a positive and constructive manner to meet their needs. Her last job presents a good illustration of her attention both to administrative details and to the people she worked with – in the last 5 years she has worked as a Fitness and Nutritionist Specialist.   She coordinated a number of individual schedules for her clients, provide necessary information to them, maintain a systemic file system, manage computer data, and monitor, evaluate and document the whole process of their training. Today, on an everyday basis, she can see how her formal education and past career options as well as her attention to detail and the ability to create a meaningful and personal relationship with her clients have prepared her for her current position of an egg donor coordinator – a position she loves and that carry out her deepest convictions and passion to benefit those who want to enrich their lives and this world with a baby of their own.

Erika Martinez

Office Manager

Erika Martinez who is of Mexican decent was born and raised in the United States. She has an A.A. in accounting, has worked in the medical field as office manager, as well as had the opportunity to work as staff accountant for a company who cares for the mentally challenged community. Her initiative, problem-solving and researching skills have allowed her to grow in her previous jobs.

Erika and Olga met in 2010, working as part of the accounting team for a previous employer.   Today, they are again working together helping couples build families.

Erika is the office manager for GRACE,LLC and is committed to help all our clients have an easy, successful and stress less journey.

Ashley Gray

Surrogacy Case Coordinator

A native of Menifee, California, Ashley Gray just recently joined the staff at Grace LLC.  Although new to the staff, Ashley is no stranger to IVF, having completed 3 surrogacies herself.  Ashley has always had an interest in the medical field from completing her B.S. in Respiratory Therapy to obtaining her phlebotomy license.  She also obtained her notary public commission in Nevada. Ashley thoroughly enjoys helping and caring for others so when she was offered a position as a surrogate coordinator with GRACE she jumped at the chance.

As a surrogacy coordinator, Ashley works closely with intended parents, & surrogates in order to achieve the goal of parenthood for others. Ashley always tries to make herself available to patients whether it is by phone, text or email. Ashley strives to make each patient feel as though she is personally vested in their case, because she truly does desire for their outcomes to be a success.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband & son, bowling, walking her beloved dog, dancing, and spending time with her mother. Ashley is very big on family time, believing that it is one of life’s greatest gifts, even noting that her son is her greatest achievement & is extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of family.


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